System Integration

Intration of in-house systems with cloud solutions

We build computing systems by combining your in-house systems with software technologies from partners like Microsoft and Google. With our system integration services, your company can leverage cheaper, pre-configured cloud services to meet key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, custom implementations.

 Cloud Integration

Regardless of your industry, we can integrate and/or extend your in-house systems with cloud services like SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRMs, Azure APIs or a custom cloud solution. Do not add risk by changing your existent databases. A cloud data storage solution can provide a quick and efficient way to use some of your key data for a new business process or application.


API Integration

Publish an API on the cloud for your current system or back end by using a cloud API solution. This eliminates the common concern of making implementation changes and the possibility of introducing defects to existent systems.

API Integration Benefits

  • Eliminate risk by implementing an API outside your system
  • Use formats like JSON and REST
  • Consolidate a back end into one endpoint
  • Analytic insights on how an API is used
  • Quickly enable your mobile or web apps