Software Development

Let us architect and design your Business Solution

We provide services in the areas of architecture, design, project management, product development, technical implementation and support. We use the latest technologies from Microsoft and Google to build and deliver reliable software solutions.

 System Integration

We build computing systems by combining your in-house systems with software technologies from partners like Microsoft and Google. With our system integration services, your company can leverage cheaper, pre-configured cloud services to meet key business goals, as opposed to more expensive, custom implementations.


Database Solutions, Management and Reporting

We provide services in the areas of Database Design, Data Modeling, Data Warehouse, On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP), On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), and Business Intelligence. We are experts in analyzing your current database design to identify performance issues, data contention, potential growth needs, and backup and recovery strategies.

Web Sites, Intranet and Online Stores

We provide Website and Web application design services. We use the following technologies:

  • JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS. JSON
  • Web Services,SOAP, REST, WCF

to create Rich Internet Applications(RIA). We build eCommerce online stores, Internet/Intranet back office solutions. We work with technologies like SharePoint,Office 365 as well as custom applications and design to meet your objectives.