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Business Intelligence Technologies

Business Intelligence Technologies

Business Intelligence Technologies is software development and Microsoft registered partner Company. We offer services and solutions to help your company become more effective and have an edge in your industry. We develop software products, cloud-hosted, and on premise solutions in a reliable and cost effective manner. We integrate your public cloud applications with your current IT environment and build applications using any language, tool, or framework. We work with small, mid and large size companies.

Business solutions and cloud services

Our business solutions leverage the power of the cloud: Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). We work with your current infrastructure or design one based on your business demands. We can deploy and integrate proprietary software to the cloud using technologies like remote apps, VMs and API services.

Remote or in-house software development

We offer wide array of software services in the following development areas: Mobile apps, Cloud solutions, Websites, CRM, Database and Business Intelligence. We telework or work in-house depending on your business requirements and preference. We often work as embedded resources within your development teams adapting your development practices. We also provide managed development services.

Expertise & Experience

We have experience with Microsoft and Google technologies and products. Our area of expertise include Web, Mobile, CRM, Cloud Technologies, integration services, Database Design, NoSQL We are experts in analyzing your current database design to identify performance issues, data contention, potential growth needs, backup and recovery strategies.


Do you need to add OAuth authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) for your products? Let us show you how that can be done minimizing code changes to your core product thus reducing your risks. We use the latest technologies from companies like Microsoft and Google to build and deliver reliable business solutions.

Data Storage

Our products and solutions use NoSQL schema-free JSON database technologies for rapid interactive app development. This provides the ideal solution for applications that run in the cloud. No more issues with the risk of schema changes breaking the apps. Access the data over simple RESTful HTTP services.

Agile, Scrum

We use agile methodology for our development process. This allows our teams to respond to unpredictable changes on a project and enables better communication and visibility to our clients.

Azure Integration

Cloud Solutions

With Azure and our cloud solutions services help small and midsize businesses grow with greater efficiency and be more responsive to change. Cloud Hosted Remote Apps...

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Custom Dynamics CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

Build custom business processes on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform. Our CRM custom solutions extends the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform...

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Office 365 Custom Solutions

Office 365

With Our Office 365 services as your business collaboration platform, you can work more effectively by establishing a presence on the cloud and managing your contacts, clients and business...

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Mobile Apps and Services

We develop affordable mobile applications and websites for individuals, businesses and organizations. We work with multiple platforms like iPhone, Android...

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System Integration

We build computing systems by combining your in-house systems with software technologies from partners like Microsoft and Google...

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Software Development

We provide services in the areas of architecture, design, project management, product development, technical implementation...

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